Student nurse Liam live at Griffith University E02

February 15, 2017

Student Nurse interview Live at Griffith University:


I visited an amazing group of 3rd year nursing students at Griffith University Gold coast . 

Talking to them about benefits of joining Nurse professional association of Queensland (NPAQ). 


They were full of energy and anticipation for their nursing future. 

They are currently doing a 3 week intensive 10-12 hour days at uni before going on practical assignments.


I had an on air chat with a student Liam who had a big vision. (Free bottle of wine). 

He wanted to be an Ambulance officer but now found a passion with Nursing. 

We talked about how people seem to fall into nursing and love doing it as a career.

The audience enjoyed a laugh .

Liam talked about cleaning up an incontinent patient while he had 5 minutes left to go on his shift.

The other staff left him to go on dinner break.

That is caring and dedication.

Liam was looking at being in Emergency or cardiac nursing in the next 5 years.

Liam is looking for mentors to help him understand what he needs to gain a career in Emergency or cardiac specialities. 

Congratulations Liam , All the best 


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